How to survive job and internship interviews


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Kellsie M. Kennedy

Being a college student is understandably stressful, despite some comments from our elders about it being the best, most carefree time of our lives. For some of us, there may not be another time in our lives where there are so many unknowns. We do not know if we can get a job right out of college, if we can get one in our field of study or if we can stay or move where we want to.

The issue is that we take this mind-clutter into interview with us and our uncertainty shows to the interviewer. With so many job fairs coming up and since the job-hunting season for May graduates is approaching, it’s time to talk about this. 

So first off, relax. I know this is cliche, and I know this is hard to practice, but it is still important.

Avoid some stress by leaving with plenty of time before your interview. 

Do your laundry the night before so you have your entire closet to pick from in the morning. Nothing makes you feel more confident than having a great outfit.    

I have a black notebook that has a pouch for resumes and a stack of notebook paper on the other side. I got it for $10 from Walmart, and I always feel like I at least look professional when I bring it with me into an interview. Something as simple as this can give you the confidence you need to do well during your interview. Play around with similar things until you figure out what makes you more confident.

It can get stressful when we place the interviewer on a pedestal. Keep in mind that these are just people. They also make mistakes, and they also have bad hair days. All you have to do is have a conversation with them. 

When you think of the interview with this mindset, you will notice that the questions get easier. Who cannot answer a question about what you want to do in five years? You just spent four years getting a degree for that career, I am sure you have thought about the answer long before the interview. 

Some interviews just do not go well, and that is okay. Just keep in mind that maybe the job was not a great fit anyway. At the very least, you gained some experience. You know what to change for next time. By the time you do run across the perfect job, you will be ready.