Track Review: Cage The Elephant ‘Ready To Let Go’


Cage the Elephant performs at a concert. Used with permission of Macy Jundi. 

Autumn Miller

After earning a Grammy in 2015 for its fourth studio album, ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty‘, Cage The Elephant took a long, but needed, break from releasing music. Now, after nearly four years, the band has released its newest single “Ready To Let Go” and also announced their new album Social Cues, due to release on April 19.

Having such a long break from music and with a title like “Ready To Let Go,” I expected this track to be more daring than anything else the band has done in the past. Turns out, it’s similar to all of the other music they have produced. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing; the song reminded me why I love alternative music. The electric guitar and drum combination is a head nod to 60’s garage rock– debatably the best rock sub-genre. The band has found its sound and knows how to make good music with it.

The music video for “Ready To Let Go” is for sure daring; if you haven’t seen it yet you need to watch it for yourself. Band members are seen wearing little clothing for most of the video and when they are wearing clothes, it’s latex suits. The video also features a lot of blood and almost creepy scenes– they were really ready to let go with this one.

This all being said, I have seen a lot of advancements in the band’s sound and overall aesthetic. I’m excited to see where the band takes this on Social Cues.

Maybe “Ready To Let Go” was a message to look out for what they have in store and the new album is going to be something revolutionary. I expect them to keep the local garage band sound but expand on what they’ve created before and make it better. The band seems to keep growing and getting better so, I suspect another Grammy nomination following the new album.

Since the band members are from Bowling Green, I have always favored them over other alternative rock bands. They’ve shown that Kentucky has more to offer than country music and Bryson Tiller. With two Grammy nominations, three top 10 hits for Top Rock Album, and two Hot 100 songs, the band has made its mark on the music industry and has made Kentucky proud. Hopefully they live up to the hype they have created with Social Cues and beat Blackbear on the charts, since he is releasing his fifth studio album the same day.