Valentine’s Day is about love, not relationships


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Kayla Woodson

 Since you are most likely single, I’ll be the first (and probably the only) person to tell you Happy Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day, a lot like Christmas, has become a completely capitalist social holiday. And although you might be spending it alone, it doesn’t mean you can’t also be having fun too.

Since we’re in the beginning stages of 2019, let’s assume that one of your new year’s resolutions was self care, and what is better self care than getting chocolate 75 percent off? Many retail stores will be selling just about everything and anything themed towards Valentine’s Day. Maybe on the day of, but usually the day after, retailers start slashing prices in order to get ready for the next themed holiday, so make your move. Get some heart shaped candies, stock up on pink plastic cups, get some stickers and cheap pillows to decorate your room, or get some cards for the boo you hope to spend Valentine’s Day with next year.

At its core, Valentine’s Day is about love and expressing your love to the people around you. So who’s better to spend Valentine’s Day with other than yourself?

Your friends. Duh.

Now, there are many different options for this. You could do the stereotypical dinner and a movie. Get dressed up with your gal pals, get a nicer dinner than what we usually have at Champions Kitchen and then top it off with seeing a movie in the student center. Or you could just stay in with your friends. Do face masks, play silly games and decompress about your week so far.

If you’d rather not make large Valentine’s Day plans, you could spend it by yourself. Self care is the best care, so your night could be best spent relaxing before impending midterms. You could do things you never really have the time to do, like clean your room or paint your nails. 

All in all, you shouldn’t feel the slightest bit sad to be single on Valentine’s Day. Honestly, think of all the money you saved that could have been wasted on things that aren’t discounted chocolate. Above all, today is supposed to be spent giving, feeling and receiving love.

Whether that’s by treating yourself to a venti drink at Starbucks today or crying to sad RomComs with your friends, it’s completely fine.