UK holds auction, sells unused campus equipment

Sydney Momeyer

Another UK auction has come and gone.

On Tuesday, Feb. 19, members of the public were welcome to attend what is known as a surplus auction on UK’s campus. The auction took place at the University of Kentucky Surplus Property on Scott Street, where no-longer used or needed items from around campus are stored.

“We don’t have predetermined dates for our auctions,” Surplus Property Manager Nathan Maiwald said. “With university reuse being our number one goal, we try and go as long as possible between auctions to give department more of an opportunity to checkout items from the warehouse. Once the warehouse is at full capacity, we don’t have a choice but to auction all items to make room for future surplus.”

The auction began around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday and was supposed to last until 4 p.m.; however, by 1 p.m. most items had been auctioned off.

People were able to buy things ranging from older television sets, desk lamps and even medical chairs. Some products were relatively old, such as aging desktop computers or sound systems that were no longer being used on campus.

Davin Smith, a hired contract auctioneer, has been working the UK auctions for the last five years and has seen many items come and go.

“They just call us when it gets filled up,” Smith said. “They usually happen every two to three months it seems like.”

There was a Facebook event created detailing the date and time of the auction. Over 4,500 people marked that they were interested in going while 293 marked that they were actually attending. The University of Kentucky Surplus Property Facebook page has over 1,000 likes. The event page stated they would be selling “all kinds of goods such as electronics, office furniture, laboratory and medical equipment, furniture and much more.”

A couple of members of the public expressed grievances on the Facebook page about the auction being held during business hours.

“Any chances you all could hold the auctions on a Saturday, instead of during weekday business hours?” member of the event page Chris Fogg posted.

Prior to the auctions, the UK Surplus Property page will post a list of items that will be for sale and general information such as parking, location, times and forms of payment accepted.

Members of the Facebook page are able to ask about specific items that they may have at the auction and the UK Surplus Property page will respond with whether that particular item will be available for auction, and if not, suggest something similar that may be there.

A couple from Ohio had come to Lexington solely for the auction; however, they declined to comment on what items they were there for.

The money that is made from the auctions is filtered back into UK.

“All of the revenue from our auctions goes back to help pay for our department’s operational expenses,” Maiwald said.

Items that are not sold during the auctions are sent to landfill or recycle.

“The good news about our auction we conducted today was that every single item was sold leaving no items to landfill or recycle,” Maiwald said.

Members of the public can be updated for more auction times and dates on the University of Kentucky Surplus Property Facebook page or by visiting their website.