Leading Women of Tomorrow talks policy with UK students

Hayley Leach, president of Leading Women of Tomorrow, presents a promotional poster for her organization.

Luke Peddicord

The month of March is an important month to celebrate. Not just because of March Madness– because it’s Women’s History Month. Joining the charge for advocating women, Leading Women of Tomorrow is an organization that is new to UK.

Starting only just last semester, the organization has turned into a strong career-building club. From working with campaigns to networking, this organization has it all for women looking to develop leadership roles and get involved in public policy.

“Leading Women of Tomorrow is an organization that promotes women’s representation and public policy,” said Hayley Leach, president and co-founder of UK’s chapter of Leading Women of Tomorrow. “Whether that’s expanding your network and networking at certain events or with leaders in the community or with other students on campus.”

When looking to get involved with a student organization, it’s good to know what the group’s goal is and what really separates them from the rest of the groups on campus. RyAnn Shoenbaechler, a sophomore majoring in international studies and Spanish, thinks women don’t get to learn enough about public policy or have the same opportunities. She thinks this organization is just what this campus needs.

“We feel that sometimes women don’t get enough education about that stuff and the goal of Leading Women of Tomorrow is to encourage to run for public office,” Shoenbaechler said.

The national organization of Leading Women of Tomorrow brought the idea of UK having its own chapter to the political science department. The organization thought it was best to try to find women who were interested in leadership roles and to see if they wanted to hold executive positions. The organization was also recruiting more people to get involved in its efforts.

Leading Women of Tomorrow isn’t just for women. There are also some men currently active in the organization. Though “women” is in the name, the organization has a place for anyone wanting to join. The group is also free from political affiliation. 

“We are a bi-partisan, so whether you are an Independent, Republican or Democrat, we are open and accepting to everyone,” Leach said.

Leading Women of Tomorrow has a total of 30 members as of now, but looking toward the future, it plans to expand even more in the years to come. People interested in joining this organization can visit its page on BBNvolved or can send a message asking for more information on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.