Bomb Voyage is textbook definition of local alternative band


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Autumn Miller

Bomb Voyage is a local alternative band based in Lexington. I got the chance to meet with band member Alex Spangler to discuss all things Bomb Voyage and the Lexington music scene.

Alex sings and plays guitar for the band. He is accompanied by his brother, Zacc Spangler, who plays drums; recently joined member Sam Kashar, who plays bass; and guitar and Kevin LaZur, who also plays guitar and sings. They all bring different things to the table and offer a broad music taste.

Alex started the band a couple of summers ago on his own.

“I was at home by myself like right after I moved out, I was bored and started writing music. I did some really bad recordings and it started to take off from there,” he said.

After a while the band started playing some of the songs they have written at local venues.

Many artists that come to play in Lexington are country music artists. Being in Kentucky, we are surrounded by country music. I asked Alex how Lexington and UK have influenced the band and their music. He mentioned that the UK music scene is a bit difficult to get into, and it seemed like students didn’t like the type of music Bomb Voyage was playing.

They have the traditional garage band sound that I try to find whenever I am discovering new music– basically, your textbook definition of local alternative band, and that’s what I love about them. 

Once Bomb Voyage started to put themselves out there and try to meet more musicians Alex found that, “there were a lot more than I thought there would be.” It can be hard to dive into the music scene here in Lexington, especially if you’re a new band or a different sounding band than what people here are used to.

He also said that the band has had to try harder to get themselves into the music scene. “It can be hard but you have to go to the right places, try to meet people and network,” he said. The music scene over the years has grown and many more local bands are starting to pop up.

There seems to be more diversity in the Lexington music scene now. Alex says the band is “genre-less,” meaning they try to not conform to the traditional music in Lexington.

“There’s a big movement in music, especially now, bands that just do everything,” he said.

He also described the band as being, “The Strokes meets Mac Demarco meets the Ramones.” They have been altering the Lexington music scene by embracing what we have done in the past and putting their own spin on it.

You can’t find much of this in Lexington, especially anybody who’s actually talented or has a passion for their music.

Bomb Voyage has been performing at Open Mic Night at Common Grounds Coffee House, working on planning more gigs and are dropping a new EP soon called Weekend at Spaghetti House.