Tips to finish the semester out strong


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Isabel Phillips

As we’re all coming back from spring break, it can be very difficult to have the energy and ambition to finish the semester strong. The temptation to skip classes grows in the last few weeks of the semester, and I for one have found it hard to stay motivated lately. However, I have thought of a few ways for students, myself included, to get that extra boost of enthusiasm to finish the semester strong.

To start with, going back to using a planner on a daily basis can be super helpful. At the beginning of the semester, I am always good at using my planner to stay organized, but as the weeks go by my planner gets shoved to the bottom of my backpack and I completely stop using it. Using spring break as a fresh start to the semester by sitting down and planning everything out is very beneficial. Knowing all the assignments and exams you have coming up for the last few weeks of the semester will make you feel organized and prepared.

Second, develop a routine. Sticking to a routine keeps you organized in all aspects of your life. If you set up a schedule that includes homework, workouts, your job and leisure time, it helps to ensure you are getting everything done that you need to. Each Sunday night, you should sit down and see what you have to do that week and make a schedule that you try to stick to.

Finally, create your own deadlines. Make yourself finish your assignments a few days before they are actually due. Procrastinating on your schoolwork means you are probably not doing the best you can do. If you finish your work early, you can use the extra time to perfect it and make it as good as possible.

I know at the end of the semester, especially after spring break, you can be really unmotivated to finish the last few weeks strong, but this part of the semester is so crucial. I hope these few tips help you to feel inspired as the semester comes to an end!