The Jonas Brothers are back


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Autumn Miller

The beloved childhood boy band has made a much-needed return.

If you were like me growing up in the 2000’s, you too grew up listening to The Jonas Brothers. The bro-boy band split in 2013 and each of them decided to take their own path. Joe Jonas joined a pop band DNCE and had a Billboard Hot 100 song, “Cake by the Ocean.” Nick Jonas also went on his own path and released a couple of albums peaking at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

On Feb. 28, The Jonas Brothers announced they were having a reunion and they were releasing their newest single “Sucker” on March 1. The long-awaited reunion has to be the most overrated thing I’ve seen on social media in a while, but I think I kind of always felt like they would make a comeback, since they’re brothers and not your typical boy band.

It feels like something that was just bound to happen someday, and so many people over-hyped their return.

Back in 2008 their music was part of a genre I like to call “Disney Punk.” Disney music is more known for being heavily pop-influenced with artist like Hannah Montana. The Jonas Brothers older songs were more edgy and not like your traditional pop songs– such a sound deserves their own genre.

I always appreciate when an artist can go through different phases and change up their sound. When I first heard about their return, I expected the single to be more like their Disney Punk phase. “Sucker” is much more pop sounding than I thought it would be. You can hear Joe’s influence because the songs are similar to those DNCE had released.

All in all, I’m glad a childhood boy band I loved is back to making music. I do still think that the comeback was too hyped up. The single was good, but it wasn’t the single I was expecting from them. I would like to see the band make something a bit edgier on future songs. I’m excited to see where this newly found pop era takes the bro-band in the future.

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