April Fools’ Day pranking should be a year-round act


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Jade Renée Grisham

With April Fools’ Day right around the corner, it is hard not to ponder potential pranks to pull on friends and family.

I have one specific friend who I pull pranks on– on a daily basis. The severity of the pranks I pull are on a wide spectrum. Anything from taking their phone when they leave the room and hiding it in a bizarre place like between window shades, to making them physically sick to their stomach before their accounting exam because I convinced them that I no longer want to be friends “just because.”

It is a mutual friendship of pranking between the two of us.

You may wonder, is there a line that cannot be crossed when pranking someone?

I would say that there definitely is a line, but it depends on your relationship with the person you are pranking.

For example, I would not recommend pranking your parents by telling them that you are expecting a child, or that you have been robbed. And I definitely would not prank your grandparents by telling them that you have not eaten in days, or you might send them to the hospital.

But if you have a close relationship with a friend or significant other that you know that they will not get offended or get extreme anxiety from whatever you decide to prank them on– I say it is an open range for the ultimate prank.

Recently, I have been conjuring up a complex prank: A fake secret admirer. I have written quite odd, but humorous love notes and placed them in random areas that they encounter on a daily basis. I have stuck love notes between their windshield wipers, on their seat in class, and conducted random phone calls. However, I am not the only person involved in this prank. It is me and one of my other friends who is close to this person as well. It is a group effort, and we have an extensive, organized plan that we will continue until April Fools is over.

As E.E. Cummings once said, “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”

I encourage you to not only create a funny prank for April Fool’s Day, but to continue to prank those around you all throughout the year. It is what makes life fun!

Remember– laughter is contagious.

I wish you the best April Fool’s Day!