Finding balance in your college life doesn’t have to be complicated


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Sarah Halsey

Classes. Papers. Tests. Work. Internships. Friends and family. Extracurricular activities. It never seems to end. We are all looking for balance in our lives, often struggling to find it. There is no quick fix to life’s stressors, but there are ways to prioritize and to stay organized in college.

This is especially true for seniors like me graduating in May. The “real world” that everyone keeps talking about is quickly approaching, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed with responsibilities. Because I am laser-focused on graduating and finding a “real job” after graduation, I have chosen to temporarily be less involved with some organizations and activities that will still be available post-graduation. I have chosen what is most important to me in this season and have made room for my highest priorities on my calendar.

One method I use to focus is clearly listing my priorities. Try making a list of your commitments and ranking them. This can help you visualize your responsibilities, better enjoy this last semester and prepare for graduation. You may even see that your priorities are out of line and you need to make drastic changes to your schedule. That’s okay. No one is living your life but you. You are in charge of your life and calendar—be responsible for it.

Choosing to step away from something doesn’t have to be permanent. If we are constantly adding to our lives and never removing anything, we are going to feel overwhelmed quickly. Choose the things you are going to remove from your life in order to focus on what’s most important to you.

If everything is a priority, nothing really is.

In addition to making a clear list of priorities, I suggest deleting social media from your phone. Most of us do not realize how much time we waste on social media or on Netflix; you’ll probably see you have more free time than you thought. Taking a break from social media can benefit your mental health and easily free up more time to spend on other things. You’ll be glad you did.