Name, Face, Likeness, Talents: What if UK student-athletes could profit off their image?

Maggie Davis

“This is Coach (Makayla) Epps and she’s famous,” said one of the former UK women’s basketball star’s players in Woodford County, where Epps now coaches. Last October, the NCAA announced that it would begin to formulate a set of rules to allow student-athletes to profit off their name, image and likeness.

In a video special to the Kernel, Maggie Davis interviews UK student-athletes past and present—some who can currently profit off their talents and some who couldn’t—and asks: What if you could make money off your likeness?

“We’re doing all this for free,” Epps said of her college days. “They’re getting everything out of me…”

“People say that student-athletes have it easy,” Epps continued. “They have no idea how hard it really is.”