Bernie Sanders stands for progressive values against unjust backdrop of political favoritism


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Ryder Noah From

Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. After tallying complications, the Iowa Caucus yielded these candidates as the ones representative of what that state wants in a Democratic nominee. With political times becoming more tumultuous by the day, America needs someone who has consistently stood for his or her beliefs in several different country-altering eras. That person is Sanders.

While Buttigieg technically took first in the Iowa caucus with more regular votes, this most likely isn’t an accurate representation of how he will do in the coming caucuses. The Iowa Caucus consisted of primarily white voters, definitely not a group representative of the U.S. population as a whole. This proved fruitful for Buttigieg because he depends primarily on white voters; he has struggled to appeal to black voters and, according to investigative reporting outlet, The Intercept, reported that his campaign lied about certain prominent black leaders supporting him in South Carolina. According to Vox, Sanders, meanwhile, is very popular among minorities and women.

Even though many progressives don’t want another old white man in office, Sanders proves he is far more than his race and age. Biden, on the other hand, exhibits traits likely to elicit many an “OK Boomer” from the Gen Z’ers. His regressive stance on marijuana legalization, which contradicts many candidates’ views on the subject, also portrays him as out of touch.

Many believe that Warren is the female version of Sanders, and that we should choose her in order to finally have a woman president. While Warren and Sanders are both progressive, they are very different candidates. It seems to me that controversies about Sanders are created by people who oppose him and have little basis in truth. On the other hand, Warren has been harshly criticized over controversially claiming Native American ancestry. Furthermore, Politico reported that six women of color recently left Warren’s campaign after experiencing a toxic work environment against minorities.

Sanders has remained consistent in his progressive beliefs. He fought for equal rights during the Civil Rights Movement and has maintained his views on Medicare for all, college tuition costs, climate change and abortion. Warren, though, backtracked and said she would hold off until later in her presidency to implement her proposed Medicare plan.

People are afraid of Bernie winning, people who should be on his side, people in the Democratic National Committee. One of the biggest shocks of the 2016 election came after former DNC interim chairwoman Donna Brazile wrote that Hillary Clinton had been exercising control over the DNC against Sanders. Clinton also recently released a documentary in which she mentioned that no one liked Sanders.

Warren has followed suit regarding this rivalry with Sanders. Not only did she refuse to shake Sanders’ hand when he offered it in a recent debate, she also accused him of telling her in 2018 that a woman can’t be president. She provided no evidence of this exchange.

While some Democrats are afraid that Sanders can’t defeat Trump, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Trump admitted in a leaked audio by the Daily Beast that he thought winning the 2016 election would’ve been tougher had Clinton chosen Sanders as her running mate. He also stated that everyone who disliked Clinton voted for him.

Sanders not only represents and believes in all the values that I think are necessary to launch America forward, he also remains one of the largest anti-establishment candidates the DNC has. While some candidates, like Clinton, rely on big donors and super PACs, Sanders was able to raise $34.5 million in donations in the final months of 2019, much of which was provided by small donors.

One of the reasons Trump won in 2016 was his devotion to a radical campaign that energized people into taking action. While Sanders and Trump don’t generally agree on key issues, the most important thing they have in common is their passion for the development of America. If this could win the election for Trump, then Sanders could easily claim victory in 2020 — given that the DNC doesn’t plot against him this time.