Near-UK streets are made one-way, closed because of sewer construction projects


Cars drive through the intersection of Avenue of Champions and S Limestone on Saturday, Jan. 18, 2020, in Lexington, Kentucky. Sewer crews will have to dig a tunnel under South Limestone to replace a major sewer line. Photo by Michael Clubb | Staff

Kernel News Desk

Starting on Monday, Bolivar Street will be made one way from South Upper to allow construction crews to complete a major sewer line replacement beneath the street.

Additionally, the entirety of Avenue of Champions will be one way from Rose Street on Wednesday, to make way for the same sewer line replacement project. A portion of the street has already been one way for close to a month.

East Maxwell Street will continue to function as a detour for both Avenue of Champions and Bolivar.

In south campus, Complex Drive, which runs in front of the Johnson Center will be shut to traffic and parking on Monday and will reopen on June 19.

Contractors will be replacing piping and manhole covers on the street near the Lancaster Aquatic Center and the Seaton Center.