UK releases second update on reopening, asks for feedback

Haley Blackburn

UK has released the second status report for reopening campus in the fall semester. 

The 243-page report described plans for campus operations including plans for housing, dining, and classes.  

The new report includes changes and feedback from the previous report, but some details have yet to be decided.

“Important operational details must still be developed, such as the specifics around when faculty, staff and students will return to campus for the fall,” said UK president Eli Capilouto in an email on May 29.

Capilouto said the restart team and University Senate Council are still working to finalize the academic calendar for the upcoming semester.

The report detailed recommendations for two possible scenarios: “reinvented normal” operations on campus and fully online operations. 

Capilouto also encouraged the community to provide feedback on the new report by noon on Monday June 1. Anyone who would like to provide feedback can fill out the survey here.

Report highlights:

  • dining rooms will be closed in Champion’s Kitchen and The 90 (food will be served by staff in take-out boxes)
  • using non-traditional space (Memorial Coliseum, Boone Center, others) for classrooms
  • visitor restriction policies in dorms
  • develop course plans based on class size: small (less than 25), medium (25 – 50), medium-large (50 – 75) and large (75 – 100)
  • utilize Canvas and BBNvolved for student connection
  • additional Zoom storage
  • evaluating spring semester online classes with TCEs and surveys

The final plan for reopening is set to be released during the week of June 8.

 “There is a saying: plan the work; work the plan. That is what we are doing here – planning for how we reopen, and how we position UK to thrive for our Commonwealth and for our future,” Capilouto said.

This is a developing update. This page will be updated as the Kernel processes the report.