Kentucky Men’s Basketball Player Numbers Revealed



Braden Ramsey

This afternoon, Kentucky Men’s Basketball shared the jersey numbers for each player on the 2020-2021 roster over Twitter.

The video tweet showed returnees like Dontaie Allen (11) and Keion Brooks Jr. (12) sporting the same number, while giving fans the first glimpse of the jerseys for BBN’s next batch of heralded recruits. 

The official roster numbers are below: 

 0   Jacob Toppin
2  Devin Askew
3  B.J. Boston
 5   Terrance Clarke
10   Davion Mintz
11   Dontaie Allen
12   Keion Brooks Jr.
13   Riley Welch
14   Brennan Canada
15   Isaac DeGregorio
20   Zan Payne
21   Camron Fletcher
23   Isaiah Jackson
30   Olivier Sarr
55   Lance Ware