UK Student Government Association votes on vaccine mandate


Allie Walters

On Wednesday, Sept. 23, the UK Student Government Association held a full senate chamber meeting, voting to continue considering the motion of a university vaccination mandate.

SGA Senator Danica Moon, one of the two sponsors of the mandate resolution, began the discussion by laying out her concerns for public health on campus and the importance of argumentative conversation toward the controversial resolution. 

“We’re here to do hard things and have difficult conversations — that’s kind of what leadership is all about,” Moon said.

The floor then opened up for all members of the senate to give their input on the resolution prior to voting.

The University of Kentucky intakes thousands of dollars each year in public funding. Many against the proposed mandate expressed concern for the future of university funding due to the controversy of the mandate.

Supporting senate members stressed that the resolution does not call for administrative action of expelling or fining unvaccinated students. 

These senators reminded their peers that an on-campus vaccination mandate already exists which requires all students living in campus housing to be vaccinated against meningococcal meningitis. 

The chamber then came to a vote, resulting in 19 yeas, 11 nays and five abstaining. 

The passed motion will advance on to the UK administration to make an ultimate choice on adopting a vaccine mandate.