Cracked water line closes Taylor Education Building, Dickey Hall


Kaleb Littleton

Due to a water main break on campus, Taylor Education and Dickey Hall are closed for classes Tuesday. The Education Library is also closed for the day.

The break was caused by a crack in a Kentucky American water line by the buildings. The facilities department had to temporarily shut off water to the buildings, said Mary Vosevich, vice president for Facilities Management and Chief Facilities Officer.

“As soon as the repair is done, we can turn the water back on to Taylor and Dickey,” Vosevich said. “I’m sure it will be through the end of the business day.”

Repairing the crack will involve excavating the pipe, or digging a trench to access the sewage lines directly. After the repair is complete, a metal plate will be installed, the excavation area will be paved over and students will be able to return to their classes in Taylor Education and Dickey Hall.