Editorial: Bevin’s big compromise

Sometimes reasonable solutions can come from the most unreasonable of situations. That seems to be the case with Governor-elect Matt Bevin and his decision to remove the names of county clerks from marriage licenses. Bevin is doing this to appease clerks who have a religious objection to issuing licenses for same-sex couples. In fact, Bevin […]

Editorial: Missouri students show hope for generation

Like any young adult leaving for college, black students join the University of Missouri campus eagerly awaiting freedom from their parents and refuge from their old lives. But for years, instead of freedom, they were discriminated against by their fellow students with jeers and stereotypically-themed parties, and overlooked by their administration — until Monday when […]

‘Tis the season for delicious winter brews


With Thanksgiving and Christmas (and Jack Frost’s icy grip) right around the corner, it’s important to reflect on the aspects of life that truly matter the most: friends, family and the spectacular brews that make conversation with extended relatives tolerable.

Much to regret for Islam piece

Will Wright

Earlier this year I wrote a column called “Time for a honest discussion about Islam” that showed the importance of context and clarity. My column prompted responses of anger and hurt from students, both Muslim and non-Muslim, and for good reason. The intent of the column was to get students talking about criminal justice and […]

Editorial: Kentucky Forward filling ‘newspaper deserts’

In a world becoming more and more corporate, larger companies that operate out of state are buying up newspapers. To combat this Judy Clabes and her husband, Gene Clabes, created Kentucky Forward, an online-only news outlet based in Lexington, which covers the state of Kentucky

EDITORIAL: Students should use campus resources regarding sexual assault

Sexual assault will always be a problem on university campuses, despite the 44 percent of students who reported that they believed sexual violence was not a problem at UK, according to recent results from the CATS survey. Many students know someone, or have themselves, been sexually assaulted.