Kentucky Theater brings old-Hollywood to Lexington

in Lexington, Ky. on Wednesday, October 28, 2015. Photo by Josh Mott | Staff.

A large crowd piled into a brand new theater on the night of Oct. 4, 1922, eagerly awaiting “The Eternal Flame,” a black and white silent film from director Frank Lloyd. The walls were lined with hand-painted murals, the floors marble and the carpet plush. And with an audience rendition of “My Old Kentucky Home,” the Kentucky Theater was christened.

Martin Luther King Center events promote cultural awareness

The Martin Luther King Center has been promoting cultural awareness and cross-cultural understanding since 1987. The center is a place where all students, professors, and university staff are welcome to interact and embrace the diverse backgrounds they come from.

Forget second breakfast, eat brunch

Whether you’re venturing out after church or recovering from a Saturday of tailgating, brunch is a Brunch is a weekend specialty. No matter what you want for brunch, from tacos to classics, Lexington has you covered.

Jack Conway talks upbringing, values and his decision to run for governor

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway poses for a portrait on Wednesday. Conway is running for Governor. Photo by Michael Reaves

After failing to win a U.S. Senate seat in 2010, Jack Conway thought long and hard about seeking a second term as Kentucky attorney general.

Putting a crown on social justice

Ali Curd, political science senior and recently crowned Miss Black Ohio, wants to use her passion for criinal justice and her crown to help people in poor communities. Photo by Michael Reaves

In the heart of Kentucky, Miss Black Ohio 2015 wears her crown like a queen. Political science senior Alexandra “Ali” Curd hopes her recently-endowed title will allow her to make an impact in predominantly poor neighborhoods like the one where she grew up.

Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell bring country music ‘like it used to be’

Grammy-award winning musicians Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell wrapped up their tour in support of their new album, “The Traveling Kind,” Sunday at the Lexington Opera House.