Bilas-Kington announce Student Government platform

Stephen Bilas

Mary-Katherine and I enthusiastically announce our candidacies for Student Government president and vice president not because they fit in a three-year plan, but because we wholeheartedly believe our ticket truly represents the diverse interests of this student body.

Our experience in Student Government is not a hindrance, but rather an unparalleled qualification.

As an elected senator and chief of staff/comptroller, Mary-Katherine and I have engaged generally underrepresented student organizations and managed a $600,000 budget, respectively. It is this unique, unrivaled balance of executive and legislative experience that sets us apart in this election.

The positions we seek are tasked with representing this university’s students and their interests, using appropriated funds to provide unique, enjoyable opportunities and experiences. We campaign to represent our peers because we believe our platform establishes an affordable, effective plan for the next year.

We are eager to work with UK Athletics to implement a ticket lottery that rewards loyalty, but we recognize Student Government does not solely dictate such an effort. We intend to persistently engage UK Athletics, voicing the concerns of neglected student fans to ensure they are fully represented in future discussions.

We are focused on improving class registration. We plan to develop a system that aligns student needs with teacher expectations.

The last few weeks, Mary-Katherine and I have met with student organizations to measure what matters to our students. We are passionate about student representation and believe the most effective way to address equality is to approach organizations and establish new relationships with groups generally overlooked. Only then can we ensure those organizations and their initiatives enjoy the funding and resources that produce success.

This campaign is not about me, or Mary-Katherine, and it is not limited to our initiatives.

It is, instead, a blend of passionate students — young and old, experienced and new, to Student Government — and their ideas to enrich the student experience. We join in an effort to enhance worthwhile opportunities and invest in affordable new programs that will not jeopardize current student fee rates, and we vow to represent all students across this expansive campus and their equally expansive concerns and goals.

Stephen Bilas is a finance and management junior. Email