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The Student News Site of University of Kentucky

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The Student News Site of University of Kentucky

Kentucky Kernel

Illustration by Akhila Nadimpalli

Don’t believe everything you read online

Peyton Keyes, Reporter April 29, 2024

I remember when everyone said the world would end in 2012. The Mayan calendar ended on December 21, 2012, which sparked speculation online as to what would occur on that date. According to a Reuters...

BROADCAST: UK catches brief glimpse of solar eclipse

Edward Smith, Reporter April 9, 2024

While clouds obscured viewing of the Solar Eclipse for most of the day, UK students, faculty and staff were still able to take in the wonder of the cosmic occurrence.

Lexington community members join University of Kentucky students to watch the solar eclipse at Johnson Center Field on the University of Kentucky campus in Lexington, KY on Monday, August 21, 2017.

Kentucky to see a solar eclipse for the first time since 2017

Ava Bumgarner, Reporter April 7, 2024

For the first time in seven years, North America will witness a total solar eclipse make its way across the continent on Monday, April 8. The eclipse is a rare occurrence that will be visible right...

Kentucky SkyTalk took people of all ages to the MacAdam Student Observatory to get the chance to look into the night sky.

Kentucky SkyTalk opens up a whole new yet familiar world for visitors

Addison Lander September 14, 2018

It is one thing to learn about the stars and planets in the night sky, but it is another thing entirely to see them with one’s own eyes. With Kentucky SkyTalk, anyone can get the best of both worlds,...

The diamond ring phase of the total solar eclipse as seen from an Amish farm in Cerulean, Ky., on Monday, Aug. 21, 2017. The vantage point was host to hundreds of spectators and NASA, chosen because of the duration of totality which began at 1:25 p.m. CDT. Photo by Arden Barnes | Staff

Eclipse viewers flooded into Kentucky, benefited state

Bailey Vandiver August 23, 2017

Thousands of people waited in line for ice cream at Chaney’s Dairy Barn during the weekend leading up to the solar eclipse.Chaney’s is a popular tourist destination located in Bowling Green on just...

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