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Movie review: The ‘Hunger Games’ prequel could revive the dystopian genre

Peyton Keyes, Reporter November 20, 2023

I am not ashamed to admit I spent countless hours trying to perfect Katniss Everdeen’s iconic braid in middle school. The key word in that sentence is “trying.” The “Hunger Games” trilogy...

‘Smile’ masterfully preys on audience paranoia and doubts

‘Smile’ masterfully preys on audience paranoia and doubts

Bridan Braun, Reporter October 31, 2022

“Smile,” one of the year’s most anticipated horror films, hit theaters recently, and it was just as terrifying as its trailer made it out to be. Hospital psychologist Dr. Rose Cotter is visiting...

Rohan Campbell and Jamie Lee Curtis star in Halloween Ends. Photo provided by Universal Pictures.

‘Halloween Ends’ – Or does it?

Delaney McGuire, Reporter October 26, 2022

As the spooky season commences, horror fans have been taken aback by the assortment of new releases as horror movies begin to flood theaters once again. Between the release of the first-rated horror...

Florence Pugh plays Alice in Dont Worry Darling. Warner Bros. Entertainment

Victory for Olivia Wilde? Charming thriller ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ leaves viewers wanting more

Olivia Walton, Reporter October 10, 2022

On Sept. 23, the highly anticipated thriller-horror “Don’t Worry Darling” hit the big screen. Whether or not the anticipation was justified is still debatable. The film stars Florence Pugh (“Midsommar”),...

Mia Goth in Pearl (2022). Photo by Christopher Moss | Origin Picture Show LLC

‘Pearl’ and the need for love in the digital age

Bridan Braun, Reporter September 29, 2022

The prequel to “X” was finally released, and it was truly frightening, just not in the way I expected. Unlike the slasher film “X,” “Pearl” — set 60 years before the events in X— is...

Dont Look Up stars an ensemble cast including (left to right) Jonah Hill, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence. NETFLIX

‘Don’t Look Up’ combines modern frustration with existential horror, encompassing a very common mindset

Emily Girard, Features Editor September 20, 2022

I was incredibly apprehensive to watch “Don’t Look Up,” and to know why, you only need to look at the Rotten Tomatoes description. “Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence), an astronomy grad student,...

‘Loving Adults’ takes tension in relationships to a new level

Emily Girard, Features Editor September 19, 2022

I’ve noticed a trend in my movie reviews, that being they seem to focus on movies covering topics I know little about. With “Tully,” it was motherhood, something I never plan to experience. With...

Charlize Theron in Tully | Focus Features

‘Tully’ is a surprisingly masterful look at motherhood and change

Emily Girard, Features Editor September 13, 2022

This past summer was the first summer I spent in my own apartment in Lexington. I spent it the same way I’ve spent every summer: watching obscure movies on Netflix.  “Tully” was one of those,...

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The importance of psychological thrillers, through Enemy and Hereditary

Grant Wheeler February 1, 2019

Many filmmakers will often cop out of creating something that could be truly groundbreaking, instead sacrificing the integrity of a film for cheap scares/tension. I recently sat down and watched Denis...

Graphic by Rob Fischer

New Spielberg film visually appealing, falls short of book

Alex Brinkhorst April 11, 2018

Stephen Spielberg’s "Ready Player One" 2018 film adaptation is an enjoyable experience for audiences but can leave fans of the original book a little disheartened.Written by Ernest Cline and published...

Marvel’s Black Panther is one of the best superhero movies of all time

Dalton Stokes February 22, 2018

This past weekend kings were crowned, things exploded and records were broken. Possibly the most anticipated and hyped movie of 2018 thus far, Black Panther, released and had the most successful opening...


‘What Happened to Monday?’ keeps you guessing the answer

Daria Smith October 4, 2017

This review is by no means done by a professional or even a film student. Just an average student who loves to watch all type of movies.What Happened to Monday? is a sci-fi dystopian Netflix Original thriller...

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