Paintball team look to leave their mark on campus

Kaitlyn Skovran

The UK Paintball Team had its first meeting Wednesday evening to give information on what they could expect to be doing this semester.

Members discussed jerseys, recruiting new members and picking a home field. 

Tyler Parsley, a nursing senior, said he hopes to cement his legacy at UK by bringing together the paintball club one last time. 

Parsley, a member of the former paintball club, wants to bring the club back to its former glory.

“I’d like to see this club last a long time after I’m gone,” Parsley said.

The idea of the club came about two years ago, through several people’s interest in the paint-splattering hobby.  Parsley, now president of the club, hopes for everyone to have fun and make friends. 

“Don’t be afraid,” Parsley said, “You come to college mainly for what, education, but besides that, you have to have friends. So some of these people that don’t have any interest in being in a fraternity or can’t find their own niche, this is here for a niche.” 

Parsley said he hopes to take the club to different paintball courses and even compete in national tournaments.

“I would like to compete in the National Collegiate Paintball Association games,” computer science junior Austin Williams said.

The NCAP offers a way for students to compete with other colleges at a national level and at an inexpensive cost. 

Several members echoed Parsley’s hope to make friendships and connections that they can carry with them after they graduate. 

“I’ve played paintball most all of my life,” Michael Pitt, an environmental sustainability sophomore Michael Pitt said. “I hope it’s great, hope the team is good.”

Students don’t have to have any previous experience or equipment in paintballing to join, though Parsley said it helps to have your own stuff.

Parsley said the club is open to students, faculty and staff, but students have to be full time and they have to keep a GPA of 2.0.

“You just gotta get out there, and get a part of something. If you’re not part of a club or organization, always just find something, even if it’s not paintball club,” Parsley said.

 To join the club, students can contact Parsley through the paintball club Facebook page, sign up on Orgsync or email him at [email protected].

You can also follow them on Twitter @UKY_Paintball.