‘I have never laughed so much’: SAB’s Vine Jeopardy event a hit with attendees

Students came down to White Hall for Vine Jeopardy hosted by UK’s Student Activities Board. Prizes were up for grabs by guessing the name of a vine from a screen shot on Wednesday, August 29th, 2018 in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo by Michael Clubb | Staff

Myia Pretty

The UK Student Activities Board hosted a Vine Jeopardy event Wednesday with food, prizes and hysteria to go around for everyone.

The night started with about 200 students storming into room 118 of Whitehall Classroom building with excitement, anticipating free food, prizes and a night full of laughter. Once everyone got settled in, the games began with the simple set-up of signing onto the app Kahoot.

Once everyone created their nicknames, the 75 question Vine Jeopardy game began. The program director for this SAB event, Trace Williams, was excited to see the turnout of the event. 

“What kind of event would I go to, and how could I get students excited enough to want to come out?” Williams said. 

SAB created an event that had students jumping up out of their seats to roll on the floor from laughing so hard, complete with tons of pizza and snacks. Not to mention the prizes that were offered to the winners of the game night: Students were elated to win prizes such as wireless Beats by Dre ear buds and a mini iPad.

Throughout the night, students were laughing, yelling and reciting the Vines verbatim. Students would shout the answers across the room with confidence. One student from the event was so excited throughout the night because she got to laugh out loud among her peers.

“I had so much fun and enjoyed the crowd going crazy with laughter and excitement,” said Tatiana Guletsky, a freshman majoring in architecture.  

After the game, there was a showcase of the vines that inspired the questions. 

“I have never laughed so much, this was a great event,” Lainey Barschak said.

President of SAB Courtney Marburger was raving about the event all night long. 

“This was a fantastic turnout, and I’m glad that the students had a great time because at the end of the day that is all that matters,” Marburger said.

If you weren’t able to attend this entertaining event that SAB put on, lookout for more events coming in the near future.