Editorial: Media misrepresents UK


While the numbers reinforce our own beliefs about the character and uprightness of the average UK student, the realization was too late for national media sources, many of which used UK’s presence in the tournament to misrepresent UK students as aggressive, even violent rioters.

NCAA Basketball Tournament system needs reform

Kyle Arensdorf
Opinions editor

Most people watch and love sports for the stories. They love them for the upsets. But for me, there’s no disappointment in sports like having to watch an upset. We love an underdog story, right? It’s the little guy triumphing over Goliath. It’s Ralph Macchio defeating William Zabka of the Cobra Kai dojo at the […]

Wall Street corruption demands attention

Matt Young
Contributing Columnist

Where are the bells of liberty? This past week should have been a watershed moment in American politics; a moment so appalling and disturbing that every American ought to have stopped in their tracks and reevaluated their outlook on government, and our democracy specifically. For years, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been a lonely voice in […]

Band unites genres

Matt Wickstrom 
Contributing Columnist

Hailing from Cincinnati, the energetic string quartet Rumpke Mountain Boys is regarded by many as one of the best bluegrass bands in Ohio. Rumpke has cleverly dubbed their music as “trashgrass,” according to band member Jason Wolf. The term plays off the name of Rumpke Waste & Recycling Co., which is based just outside of […]

Newcomer Lana Candor cast as X-Men’s Jubilee

Anne Halliwell
News Editor

In the mess of retconning, rewriting and reworking that is “X-Men: Apocalypse,” a solid piece of good news has appeared. Director Bryan Singer announced via Twitter that newcomer Lana Condor has been cast to play Jubilation Lee, known more commonly as “Jubilee.” Jubilee is a pretty old character, as far as longevity in the comics […]

High expectations precede new ‘Daily Show’ host

Marjorie Kirk, Assistant Opinions Editor

Comedy Central announced Monday that South African comedian Trevor Noah will succeed the beloved Jon Stewart as host of “The Daily Show”. Like many fans of the show, I thought the decision came out of left field. I didn’t even remember seeing him appear on the show, but when I was surfing YouTube Monday—where I […]

Not so ‘good ole days’

Cheyene Miller
Contributing Columnist

Whenever I hear an older person talk about how they long for the “good old days,” I let out a small chuckle on the inside. After all, it’s human nature to be nostalgic for the past, and I’m sure that once you reach a certain age this nostalgia becomes even more commonplace. But this becomes […]