Students, staff should be prepared in the event of an active shooter

When students and faculty froze or fled in a frenzied panic, Army veteran Chris Mintz charged an armed assailant that had taken over his college campus. For those of us without trained combat experience, the idea probably wouldn’t have come to our mind until it was too late. Between 1966 and 2012, the US has […]

DanceBlue 5K puts struggle in perspective

I’ve always thought it would be hard to put myself in a childhood cancer patient’s shoes, but the DanceBlue 5K on Sunday at Coldstream Park helped to change my perspective. My original plan was to walk the 5K, but after some encouragement from a friend I decided to run the race. Even though I hadn’t […]

Voodoo economics puts more weight on students

Matt Young
Contributing Columnist

Jeb Bush’s tax plan, like so many Republican tax plans before it, uses what his own dad called voodoo economics — the idea that cutting taxes will jumpstart the economy, kicking it into high gear and creating lots of jobs and growth. But this plan has never worked. The economy started to grow rapidly about […]

Editorial: Politics, papacy combine during Pope’s US tour


Pope Francis’ first visit to the U.S. this past week resonated deeply in the minds of religious and non-religious Americans alike. As a well-respected example of morality around the world, his presence commands an awe and respect similar to the presence of other world leaders and celebrities. While the Pope is revered for his dedication […]

When you binge-watch TV, give the classics a chance

Cheyene Miller
Managing Editor

We seem to be in a sort of golden age of television. There are so many quality series on TV and streaming services like Netflix that at times picking a show to watch can seem overwhelming.  I can’t even count the number of times my girlfriend and I have spent more time trying to pick […]