UK wide receiver Demarco Robinson arrested

By Matt Overing and Becca Clemons and

UK junior wide receiver Demarco Robinson was arrested early Friday morning after an altercation at his off-campus home.

Robinson was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and violating a noise ordinance, according to court documents. He was arraigned Friday in Lexington.

UK Athletics spokesman Tony Neely said head coach Mark Stoops is aware of the situation, but is out recruiting and will address the arrest when he returns.

The team did not have any details on where the arrest took place or at what time, Neely said. Lexington police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts said Robinson was booked in jail in Lexington at 2:46 a.m. Friday. Documents show Robinson was held on $3,030 bail.

Police were dispatched to Robinson’s home because of noise complaints, according to court documents. Documents show that an officer had a “physical struggle” with Robinson’s roommate. The court documents also say Robinson attempted to prevent the arrest of a person referred to as “Mr. Williams.”

Roberts confirmed that a 20-year-old named Jerry Malone Williams was booked in jail shortly after Robinson. Court documents show that Williams was charged with the same three charges and faced $3,030 bail.

Williams told the Kernel that four men, including Robinson, were playing NBA 2K in their house when they heard a “stern” knock at the door.

An officer asked one of Williams’ roommates to step outside, Williams said.

“I have a snake in my lap and it’s cold, and I’m cold myself,” Williams said. “I set the snake down and get up to go shut the door.”

The officer then put his foot in the door, Williams said.

“Can you please not do that,” Williams said he told the officer, “I know you don’t have the right to come in my house, and I’m not consenting you to come in my house and you don’t have the right to touch me.” Williams said he told the officer.

Williams said the officer grabbed his neck and tried to pull him outside. Eventually, the officer pushed him inside the home “and after that he slams me on my neck,” Williams said.

Williams said the officer placed him in handcuffs and took him outside to the curb. He said the officer then went back inside and “searched all throughout the house.” Williams said he did not give the officer consent and that the officer did not read him any rights.

Williams also said there were two women in the house, and that one was recording the scene on her phone.  He said that a second officer “attacked her to get her phone” while he was handcuffed outside.

Williams said the officer told the female recording that she would “go to jail if she didn’t delete the video right now.” He said the officer handcuffed the female and took her phone and that they do not know where the phone is now.

When police went to arrest Robinson, “the subject attempted to flee, pulled away from officers, and pushed officers,” the arrest documents read.

Court documents also show that a “Mr. Johnson” answered the door with a “blunt in his ear,” which Williams said was a Black and Mild, which is similar to a small cigar. Williams said the officer took the Black and Mild from his ear, and that’s when the officer asked him to step outside.

Roberts said in a statement that “the Lexington Division of Police does not respond through the media to complaints made by suspects involved in ongoing criminal investigations. The details of the arrest and the case will be made public during court proceedings.”

Robinson and Williams pleaded not guilty during their arraignments on Friday, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported.

Williams was redshirted as a freshman in 2011 and practiced with the UK football team in 2012 as a cornerback, according to UK Athletics’ website.

Robinson was suspended indefinitely and missed two games at the end of last season due to a violation of team rules. He caught 20 passes for 213 yards and two touchdowns last season. Robinson missed time last season with an ankle injury as well as his end-of-season suspension.

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