The Avett Brothers bring their folk sound back to Lexington

Jordan Mason

Jordan Mason

By Jordan Mason

Returning to Lexington after the debut of their eighth studio album is The Avett Brothers, and UK students are more than excited to see the band perform.

Rupp Arena will be presenting “An Evening with the Avett Brothers” on Saturday.

The Grammy nominated band  performed in Lexington in 2011 for full stands.

Known for their single “I and Love and You,” released in 2009; the bands’ single showcased their folk style with country and pop tones.

Last year, they released their seventh studio album “The Carpenter,” which turned out to be their breakthrough album.

This album showcased their true style and made it possible for their fans to hopefully appreciate their music more.

“The Carpenter” debuted fourth on the Billboard Top 100 albums and was nominated for the Best Americana Album of the year at the Grammys.

Their new album ”Magpie and the Dandelion” was released in October of this year and sparked their newest tour, “An Evening with the Avett Brothers.”

The album has songs that show them in a completely different light, such as songs as “Another is Waiting” which is a total pop song, it does not have a folk feel to it at all.

“Part of Me” has a slight pop feel but also keeps the folk sound.

It definitely has a different sound than “The Carpenter” and it shows a different side of the band, but could still be something that avid fans enjoy as well.

“The Carpenter” showcased the many different styles the group can play in.

The song “Live and Die” shows their signature folk style with a pop tone, but something a little different would be the song “February Seven” it has more of a soft folk tone with a soft beat, it does not show off the country or pop feel.

“I like them because they are different from other bands, they don’t just make music for the money,” Dental hygiene sophomore at BCTC Taylor Cornelison said. “I am so happy they are coming to Lexington. It’s going to be a great show and I can’t wait to see them live.”

Secondary education sophomore Ryan Schmieder wants to see the band for the musicians.

“I like them because I play music and each member is an incredibly talented musician, I’ve been a fan of them for years, but I have never seen them live, so I’m pretty excited,” Schmieder said.

This concert is different because it’s not the true country feel like most Lexington concerts are known for. They have a folk, country, pop sound, and that alone will attract more people that don’t listen to country music alone.

The Avett Brothers will leave their mark on Lexington once again with this concert.

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