White Hall entrance reopened after water leak

Students walk across a wet floor in White Hall Classroom Building in Lexington, Ky., on Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013. A pipe burst the night before and leaking water froze outside one of the building's main entrances. The water was mostly thawed by the afternoon after the entrance was blocked off in the morning. Photo by Becca Clemons | Staff

A water pipe burst in White Hall Classroom Building late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, flooding its three floors and running into the plaza outside the building, UK spokeswoman Gail Hairston said.

The water froze, and affected areas were blocked off Wednesday morning to prevent students from the slippery conditions.

The mess was cleaned up before 9 a.m. classes began, Hairston said.

I live in Lexington Mass not Lexington Kentucky. How do I stop getting news about the goings on in Kentucky?