Pardon the Interlude: Rumors of Dave Matthews in Summer 2012

By Alexandria Sardam

Ah, 2012. Feels good.

But do you know why it feels so good? Why my feet have a little extra pep in their step this New Year? Why am I asking so many questions?

It is the promise of a summer we were cheated of last year. A summer that, in years before, has been the ever-gracious “hostess with the mostest” to nights of drinking at Deer Creek, new friends at Alpine and amazing music at every stop.

My dear readers, this is the summer that the tour begins again.

The 2012 Dave Matthews Band summer tour.

Much anticipation has led up to this upcoming tour since the band didn’t do a summer ‘11 tour. And sure, the guys definitely deserved a break considering the band has been touring for 20 consecutive years.

So what’s a DMB fan to look forward to on this tour?

Well aside from a rested, retuned and regrouped band, there have been rumors about new music. Summer 2010, “Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King” was hitting it’s second year of touring and even though I love a good “Why I Am” just as much as the next fan, new material is always welcomed.

Especially when that new material is rumored to be produced by the great and talented Steve Lillywhite.

Lillywhite produced the bands first three studio albums, “Under the Table and Dreaming,” “Crash” and “Before These Crowded Streets.” He also worked with the band in 2000 but after some time spent in the studio, was left for producer Glen Ballard. Ballard went on to produce “Everyday.”

In 2001, the abandoned music that was established by the band and Lillywhite leaked and was then re-recorded in 2002 on the album “Busted Stuff,” Which features the equally popular and powerfully stunning song, “Bartender.”

Regardless if you’re a Lillywhite fan or not, he knows the band, knows their sound and knows what works. And the albums he produced are arguably the bands best. With suspicious tweets floating between Stefan Lessard, the band’s bassist, and Lillywhite, it’s likely that something is in fact cooking up in the studio. And that something is something to look forward to.

No tour dates or confirmation of a new album have been announced but trust me on this one, something big is about to happen in 2012.

And no I’m not talking about the end of the world.

Just my 2 cents…but I prefer to see live artists who can improvise and interpret rather than merely regurgitate a 3 minute long radio cut. And it strikes me as interesting that those artists who push boundaries and attempt to further their chosen art, inspire such extreme bi-polar opinion in the general public. Abject adoration or pure loathing.

If you can’t tell by now, I LOVE DMB. It’s a unique musical ensemble and expression with each player a master of his particular instrument. And typically, when I attend a live DMB show, its with my daughter and two son’s and sisters and many nephews and friends. Its become our annual summer family re-union. Bring it on boys!!

For the record… I am a long-term DMB ‘family member’ (we are family). The jam-outs & music are not for everyone (I do not care for country music or thrash metal, but do respect that it does, somehow speak to others), and we are ok with that. But for those of us who are true fans… we are seeking those jam-outs & get lost in them. Have a little creative respect for others. Don’t enjoy the shows… Don’t go. There are thousands of other people clamoring to have the tix you don’t want! (** more for us!**)

I have never done drugs in my life, do not drink very often, and would never at a DMB show. Most true fans do not (or don’t get smashed) – we prefer to soak up every memory of the shows experience, & remember it the next day. Every concert has its ‘reason to partiers,’ but do not slap a label on us all for a few.

Ive met some truly awesome, accomplished people at DMB shows… Every single time, and the DMB fan-base has brought together a really special community of wonderful people — we are ‘family.’

Conal that was well said… Hope to have some good good times.\

Too Just being Honest most of the DMB fans I know are at bare miniume college educated many of them with advanced degrees working jobs like CPA’s, Teachers (many many They get summer offs & tour) You really have to have a good job to do more then two shows a year I average 12 shows a year from Hartford to the Gorge to WPB to Alpine with stops in Vegas. So hold your mouth if you don’t know the real facts. Peace Love & Dmb.

Dear “Just being honest”…
FYI… not all “hardcore fans” get drunk and high at dMb concerts. Actually most “hardcore fans” do not. Next time you go to ANY concert, take a quick second and look around; I am sure you will find yourself among many drunk and high people.

With all of your exhaustion and dehydration, I am sure you overlooked the fact that the venue was packed and the majority of the crowd who were dancing with “60′s hippie movements”, were thoroughly enjoying the music, causing you no harm, and most importantly, NOT judging you.

In conclusion, the next time around, do everyone a favor and pass on a dMb concert. I am sure this band can manage their multi-million dollar tours w/o your $60.

A highly-educated person

Hey, just being honest –

You should probably think about the size of the fanbase you are calling douches before you blast a whole group like that. If you were having a bad time, you should have left! It’s that easy. If you think that you struggling through a concert that your feeble mind couldn’t understand, just so you could talk shit about all the other people who were having a good time, you have issues. You are what is wrong with the world. The World minus you would be a much better place.

I saw DMB in concert a few years ago. It was outdoors, about 95 degrees, most everyone there was either high or drunk, and DMB’s songs rambled on for seemingly forever. NOT fun. People were dropping like flies from heat exhaustion and dehydration, every other concert goer looked like someone from the 60’s hippie movements and were clearly out of touch with the times, and after Dave hardly played any of their songs that made them popular in the first place (they played a lot of covers of Peter Gabriel and various instrumentals), many couldn’t wait for the show to end soon enough (how many times can a concert-goer say that?) Word to the wise, unless you’re a hardcore fan, don’t waste your time or money on these shows. If you’re a relatively educated person you’ll probably hate it, as it is for the most part a giant gathering of douches. But, of course, if you are indeed a douche or a huge fan of these guys you’ll probably have a great time. Just being honest…