Fruity, sweet the signature taste of Wall drink

Katie Saltz

John Wall tastes like a fruit roll-up — apparently.

The hype about the current UK basketball star has taken over campus, including the most sacred of holy places — the bar scene.

While Two Keys created the standard recipe that most establishments are following, each bar has put its own spin on the famed concoction now known as “The John Wall shot.”
I had the good fortune of doing a little taste-testing, to the point where my tongue was blue and I turned into that girl who declared every song on the radio to be “my jam!” Damn you, Ke$ha.
Monday night I danced around to five different Lexington bars and ordered myself a John Wall or two (don’t we all dream of such things?) Keeping notes on each drink, I later reflected on the flavor, strength and price of each shot.
So here is a break down of John Wall shots and what makes them so deliciously full of school spirit.
Two Keys Tavern — The creator of this best-selling drink uses UV blue vodka, sweet and sour and Sprite. It must be said, other bars can duplicate but they just couldn’t replicate. Their shot is smooth and tastes like a blue jolly rancher. They also have the best price on the shots, going for $3 normally, and $2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Tin Roof — Using Blue Curacao, raspberry vodka, S&S and Sprite, this version was bubblier but just as sweet. It was more of a pale blue than the other bars but the flavor was full-blown. This two-gulp shot sells for $4 and was the easiest to drink, with no post-swallow shudder.
Charlie Brown’s — (Disclaimer: I work there. But I don’t make drinks. I just consume them.) This version gives you the most bang for your buck. The bartenders don’t skimp on the raspberry Stoli used to make the shot, so the S&S and Sprite are more of an afterthought. Running $3.75 during happy hour, it’s worth the blue Kool-aid mustache you will acquire.
Yesterday’s — Still true blue, but this version was more on the sour side. This recipe included the S&S and Sprite, but used Absolut Citron vodka. The fruity favor gave way with this drink, had more of a bite than the others and rung up at $6.50 a shot.
McCarthy’s — Using UV vodka in this recipe, this was a pretty basic shot. $4 a pop got you the standard combo — vodka, Curacao, S&S and splash of Sprite. It was what you would expect from a shot produced en masse and geared toward college students.
By the end of the night, my sweet tooth was begging for me to stop and just drink straight bourbon to counteract the sugary-overload. But if you are out for the game and feeling festive, march up to the bar, flex your arm, swivel that fist and order you and your friends a round of John Wall shots.
I’m not guaranteeing you will become any more athletic, but what better way for a college kid to show school spirit than to down an alcoholic beverage as blue as our blood? So c’mon Cats. Let’s drink one for the team.