Unopposed Rowan Reid unofficially announced as new SGA president

McKenna Horsley

Thursday night, UK’s Student Government Association announced unofficial election results for the 2016-2017 academic year with Rowan Reid as the new president and Ben Childress the new vice president.

SGA will announce official results Monday evening following a review hearing for SGA’s Supreme Court.

Reid’s parents, brother and sister were in the room when the election results were announced. Reid’s father, Mike, said Reid had been heavily involved in politics since middle school.

“She has a passion to serve others,” Mike Reid said. “Her mom and I are very proud of her.”

Reid cited her involvement with the Kentucky YMCA Youth Association, which holds mock-government and leadership conferences for thousands of Kentucky children each year, for allowing her to run for SGA president now.

“It gave me self-confidence,” Rowan Reid said. “I think being able to talk in front of all those people when I was 16-years-old, has immensely helped me when I’m 20 now.”

Rowan Reid said she hopes to be a role model for women who attend UK. Reid is the first female SGA president since Becky Ellingsworth won in 2005.

“I just hope that one day, people come to campus and say, ‘She’s student body president,’” Reid said.

Childress said that he respected the many people who came before him in SGA that made his position possible. 

“More than anything, I’m excited for the opportunity to give back to this campus that has given so much to me,” said Childress, an economics and political science sophomore.

For the SGA undergraduate senator-at-large race, 15 candidates were chosen. On the official ballot, Bharath Chithrala, Tiana Thé, Sydney Barnett, Todd Montgomery, Catherine Stuckert, Allison Olmsted, Nicole Mattingly, Angelo Stekardis, Tommy Daley, Duncan Paul, Susie Smith, Noah Lewis and Brady Ekman won. Austin Bach and Jonathan Seitzinger won undergraduate senator-at-large positions as write-in candidates.

Five candidates were chosen for graduate senator-at-large. Lauren Chavira, William Serson and Sarah McDowell campaigned and won. Write-in candidates Jordan Potter and Spencer Reed also won graduate senator-at-large.

SGA allows each of UK’s 16 colleges to elect members to represent them in the Senate.

For the College of Agriculture senator race, Chelsea Folmar and Logan Layne won. Esias Bedingar, Asir Chishti and Lauren Fowler won the College of Arts and Science senator race. Tyler Harris and Paul Savage won the College of Business and Economics senator race. Sarah Smith won the senator race for the College of Education. For College of Engineering senators, Hannah Botts and Emma Guilfoil won.

Will Lovan won College of Fine Arts senator. Megan Phelan won College of Health Sciences senator. For the College of Law senate race, Ben Harris won. Faiyad Mannan won College of Medicine senator. Chase Buck won College of Nursing senator. For the College of Pharmacy senate race, Lakin Mills won. Jenny Youngberg won College of Social Work senator.

Savanah Sellars won the College Communication and Information senator race as a write-in candidate. For the College of Dentistry senator, Dalton Hampton won as a write-in candidate.

Blane Hornung was elected the senator for the College of Design as a write-in candidate. Matthew Roland was elected as the senator for the College of Public Health as a write-in candidate. Andrew Dozier won as a write-in candidate for College of Education.

Correction: The original version of this article misspelled the last name of Brady Ekman. It is Ekman, not Eckman.