Marijuana on state ballots could open the door to legalization


Marijuana research and legalization

News Staff

Nine states have the opportunity to legalize recreational use of marijuana today, according to a report by the New York Times

California, Massachusetts and Maine have initiatives on the ballot that are expected to pass. Arizona and Nevada are also voting on the issue, with Nevada polls showing an even split.

Legalization presents a direct conflict between state and federal laws, but benefits, as seen in Colorado, include a reduction in drug arrests and an increase in tax collection. The passage of similar laws in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington over the past four years have opened the door to eventual federal legalization. 

Legalization in California will have a huge impact since their economy is so large. A marijuana industry might even be larger than California’s wine industry if use is legalized nationwide, according to the report.

57 percent of Americans believe that marijuana should be legalized, but many believe that other laws should be enacted to ensure safety on the roads and in schools.

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