Local Kentucky-themed store helps Texas with T-shirts


Shop Local Kentucky on Woodland Avenue in Lexington, Kentucky sells a shirt to support the community members in Texas suffering from the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. Taken Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017. 

Brenna Taylor

The saying “things are always sweeter in the South” seems to ring true this week in Kentucky.

Although, Shop Local Kentucky was built on the ideas of Kentucky pride and supporting local businesses, the apparel store has now reached out a hand to the Lonestar State to assist those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Shop Local Kentucky created a fundraiser T-shirt that is Kentucky blue in color, featuring an outline of the state of Texas and the words “God Bless Texas” across the chest. 

100 percent of the proceeds from the shirt will be donated to the American Red Cross’s efforts to give back to those in Texas suffering from the damages of the Category 4 hurricane. Red Cross then uses the donations to provide basic necessities such as safe shelters and food.

Multiple designers are on staff, but co-owner Rick Paynter designed this shirt himself.

“We chose this design because we thought it was relatable and said everything that we wanted to communicate through the T-shirt fundraiser,” Paynter said.

Shop Local Kentucky has given to those in need many times before. Having made several charitable shirts over the course of years, it seemed like a no-brainer to Paynter to take this opportunity to do some good for suffering Texas communities.

The Lexington community has been eager to help with the cause and has flocked to make their donations since the minute the shirt was created.

“We have an enormously generous customer base. They always come through when we do fundraisers,” Paynter said. “I don’t have an official count of numbers sold, but we have raised more than $20,000 in one day of sales.”

Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc in the state of Texas, and local residents have reported not having flood insurance or access to food and safe shelter.

The “God Bless Texas” T-shirts have provided an opportunity for Kentuckians to get involved.

Even though Kentucky has not been directly affected by Hurricane Harvey, Shop Local Kentucky has found a way to bring people together to support Texas in its time of need.