The 5 most productive places to study on campus



Blake Blevins

As classes begin to pick up speed, students find themselves spending less time out on the town and more trying to keep up. Studying is a crucial part of college, and it’s a delicate practice. Effective studying requires appropriate dedication, attention and perhaps, most importantly, setting.

At UK, there are countless places for students to study. Nearly everywhere you look (especially around midterms or finals), you’ll see peers focusing on books, laptops and notecards. The Woodland Glen courtyard, William T. Young Library Starbucks and nearly every bare surface in Whitehall will be occupied.

There are, however, a few spots on campus better than others.

Perhaps the most common study hotspot at UK is the William T. Young Library, better known as Willy T. Willy T., which often is open 24/7 for UK and BCTC students, has a seemingly endless array of tables, cubbies, couches, computers and other resources. Do not be fooled. Perks such as an easily accessible Starbucks and materials are easily offset by how overcrowded the library can get. Important tip: Avoid this area at all costs during dead week.

Across campus from Willy T. is the Gatton College of Business and Economics. Home to its own café, couches, tables, group study rooms and classrooms, Gatton is another prime location to get work done. The professional atmosphere encourages efficiency and focus, but limited space may make fighting for a spot more trouble than it’s worth.

Sometimes students are lazy. Often, even though homework needs to be done, they can’t be bothered to leave the dorm, but everyone knows how to inescapable trap of ‘studying in bed’ can be. Thankfully, most dorms at UK are equipped with ‘Active Learning Centers.’ The ALCs are a great place to study until the only willpower students have left is barely enough to propel them down the hall and into their beds. Good luck fighting off the groups who’ve appropriated them to play video games, though.

A rarely utilized on-campus location for some intense, no-nonsense studying is the UK Law Library. Always silent and devoid of life, this library is equipped with multiple tables and cubicle-like isolating areas. With no room for distraction, it’s easy to get so much done here that the early closing time sneaks up abruptly.

Even with all the unique study locations UK offers (listed and unlisted), sometimes a change of scenery is needed. If students can’t take one more second of looking at the same old blue and white, a hike to the Lexington Public Library could be just what they need. The fresh air on the way and the library’s unique art, architecture and overall aesthetic could be the change students need to inspire a productive day.