Anti-abortion group visits UK during month-long tour

Students were warned with “Graphic photos ahead” signs as they walked towards White Hall today.

Created Equal, a national group based in Columbus, Ohio, is currently on a month-long tour through six states supporting the right to life, according to Emma Mysko, the group’s media representative. 

Pictures and a large screen depicting abortions lined the walkway to the classroom building. 

A few of the signs had a number for pregnant women in search of counseling to call. Representatives of the groups were standing by to meet with any students who may have questions.

Mysko said the group has been going to a different school every day. This is the group’s last day in Kentucky.

Mysko said the group tours college campuses because its members see abortion as a “great human rights violation.” 

“We know, scientifically, that at the moment of conception an individual human life has been created, and we believe that all human beings have an equal right to life,” Mysko said.

Mysko said that 2,500 abortions occur each day, and college-age students are the largest demographic having abortions.

“So that’s why we go to different schools, just to start the conversation,” Mysko said. 

Mysko said the reactions to their group vary by school. 

“Usually it’s just a lot of students wanting to see what we’re about,” she said. 

Sometimes students will knock over signs, she said.

More information about the organization can be found on its website.