Cam’Ron Fletcher ready to make his mark on Kentucky


Cam’Ron Fletcher from Men’s Basketball Practice on September 24th, 2020.Photo by Chet White, UK Athletics. Uploaded on September 28th. Filename 200924practice04_cw.JPG

Trinity Bratchett

It’s no surprise many are anticipating Kentucky to do big things this season, as the Cats have two of ESPN’s top-ten players from the 2020 class: BJ Boston and Wednesday interviewee Terrance Clarke. But they aren’t the only newcomers set to have consistent roles.

Cam’Ron Fletcher knows that it will take each player and staff member fulfilling their duties to get Kentucky where it wants to go.

“We need everybody,” Fletcher said in a press conference on Oct. 23.

The 6-foot-6 forward out of St. Louis is excited to spend his college career in Lexington. After committing to Kentucky over numerous schools – including North Carolina, Michigan State, Alabama and Missouri – he’s aiming to show his naysayers he belongs.

“[It’s] very thrilling [to be at Kentucky],” Fletcher said. “Some people never thought I’d be here, so I just worked my tail off to get here… [I’m] gonna prove everybody wrong.”

One of the incoming freshman’s most influential role models is his older brother Jalen, who also played basketball in college. The younger Fletcher gave his older sibling a lot of praise and credit for him getting to this point.

“He’s a very good brother. He taught me a lot on and off the court as a young man,” he said. “He was like a father figure to me… he’s a big influence in my life.”

Most recruits come into college focused on scoring, but that’s not where Fletcher said he wants to earn his keep.

“I’m going to get on the floor, I’m going to get dirty,” he said. “I’m going to do all the little things… loose balls… playing defense. I don’t want anyone to score on me.”

Fletcher spoke on two teammates in particular who have helped him improve on that end of the floor – Lance Ware and the aforementioned Boston.

“Lance is strong… he just makes me more physical,” he said. “[BJ’s] a very good athlete and he just makes me better.”

Fletcher’s defensive focus makes it seem that he’ll mesh well with John Calipari’s philosophy. He’s said Cal’s coaching style is different from what he’s used to, but can see why he has been so successful.

“He’s very energetic. I just noticed that he likes to win, and he doesn’t really like doing all that extra stuff,” he said. “Some of the stuff is confusing right now… he knows we ain’t never played this type of basketball, so he’s just taking his time with us right now.”

“It’s a process, but we’re still working… he’s a very good coach.”

The Cats sport a young roster as always, but with the return of Keion Brooks Jr. and transfers Olivier Sarr and Jacob Toppin now eligible, Fletcher and his teammates could make this season a special one.