Ravi Zacharias calls for spiritual over material

Marjorie Kirk

At 20 years old, Ravi Zacharias left Delhi, and a past in which he felt his failure and misery were determined, to come across the world and hear the gospel of liberty in the land of opportunity.

A month away from his 70th birthday, he spoke before a full Memorial Coliseum on how America was in a crisis, brought on by geopolitical vitriol and an absence of the gospel of peace and love.

Christian Student Fellowship reached out to Zacharias three years ago to come to Lexington, and his ministry of more than 40 years has spoken to UK students from YouTube and conferences alike.

“The first summer that I was a student, I spent a few months delving into a ton of his different sermons,” said Qaaim Stainback, one of the staff members at CSF and a graduate of UK. “He’s a phenomenal speaker.”

Stainback said Zacharias’ philosophical approach, paired with his vast knowledge of sciences and history, is what carries his evangelical and apologetic ministry.

As a Christian apologist, Zacharias has spoken at universities, churches and even before the United Nations about the state of the world.

“Your greatest need is not for a political leader, your greatest need is not for the best of education,” Zacharias said in his speech. “All of those are important, but your need and my need — the greatest need we have — is deep within our own heart where evil stalks and seeks to take over. Our greatest need is for a savior.”