Register for intramural sports for a fun, healthy activity

Taylon Baker

With the start of the new school year comes the start of several UK sports seasons. While some turn to the soon-to-be football season with tailgates and parties, others turn to more institutionalized events: intramural sports.  

For freshmen and transfer students, intramural sports is something not well known. Basically, intramurals are sports for recreation within certain institutions among different clubs, organizations and groups.

UK has had intramural sports for the past 80 years. The intramural website says, “our evolving philosophy is to provide the university’s students‚ faculty‚ and staff with a program of recreational events and experiences‚ grounded in the basic beliefs of fun‚ fair‚ and safe.”

With over 15 unique groups, as well as single sports and official positions, there is something for everyone wishing to get involved in physical activities. Some of the sports include softball, basketball, flag football and badminton. While most of the events are coed, there are some specifically for men or women.

Public health sophomore Shey Trent said she enjoyed intramural sports because it allowed her to stay active and spend time with new and old friends.

“I was able to come out of my shell a little bit more and it helped me acclimate to college life,” Trent said. “Even though I graduated, it was not the end of sports life for me, and as an athlete I really appreciated that.”

While some registrations are already closed, there are many spots still open and available. In fact, some have not opened yet, but should be available to register by mid-September. A full list of registration dates can be found here.

Students must have a valid UK ID to participate. Students can resigster as teams or indidvuals on the UK website or here, and there is no registration fee. UK is one of the few universities within the Southeastern Conference and nationwide that does not have a registration fee, according to Intramural Director Natasha Harris.

For any questions or concerns that the website does not address, contact the office at (859) 257–6584, at [email protected], or in the office in room 172A of the Johnson Center.