Stoops says Luke Wright is responsive after the game


Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops talking to his team from the sideline during the game against Missouri at Kroger Field in Lexington, Ky. on Saturday, October 7, 2017. Photo by Josh Mott | Staff.

Sports Staff

In what was a scary situation at UK’s football game on Saturday, quarterback Luke Wright collapsed on the sidelines during the third quarter of the game.

After the game, head coach Mark Stoops couldn’t elaborate too much on Wright’s condition, but was able to share a little detail of how the quarterback was doing.

“He is responsive, that’s what I was just updated,” Stoops said at his post-game press conference. 

Wright was attended to for several minutes as players from Kentucky and Missouri got down on one knee. Wright was taken out of the stadium on a stretcher and taken to a hospital shortly afterwards. 

“That was very scary for all of us, because nobody likes to see that, and our team was definitely a little shook,” Stoops said. “Once we kind of figured out what it was, at least it was better than some other things.”

A UK spokesperson said after the game that offensive coordinator Eddie Gran went to the hospital to visit Wright. 

After the injury, Austin MacGinnis kicked a 53-yard field goal in a stadium that was still obviously stunned by the injury. 

“I knew that I was about to have to kick so I kind of just wanted to stay focused,” MacGinnis said. “I knew something bad had happened, but I found out after that. My regards to Luke and his family.”

After the game, Wright reassured fans that he was okay.

“All came back good. Thanks for all the prayers!” he tweeted.