Kentucky STUNT finishes 2023 season as national Division-1 runner ups


Samuel Colmar

Kentucky Wildcats freshman Shayla Nguyen (45) competes during the Kentucky vs. Michigan State STUNT game on Saturday, March 4, 2023, at Memorial Coliseum in Lexington, Kentucky. Michigan State won 15-14. Photo by Samuel Colmar | Staff

Sebastian Rios, Contributor

Kentucky STUNT completed its 2023 season, finishing as the Division-I national runner-up in just its second year as a varsity program.

The performance was recognized at the 2023 Division-I STUNT national awards banquet where six members of the team were honored. 

Freshman Ellie Drendel from Naperville, Illinois, received the Perseverance Award for her dedication and hard work throughout the season.

Shayla Nguyen, a freshman from Lexington, Kentucky, was recognized with the Best Breakthrough Award for her outstanding performance as a newcomer to the team.  

Karley Kalchbrenner, a junior from Mokenna, Illinois, was awarded the Team Leader Award for her leadership skills and contributions to the team.

Peyton Anderson, a freshman from Frankfort, Illinois, was named Rookie of the Year for her exceptional talent and potential as a new member of the team. 

Kaylin Campbell, a freshman from Lexington, Kentucky, was awarded the Most Valuable Player Award for her outstanding performance and contributions to the team’s success.

Rachel Woods, a senior from Louisville, Kentucky, was named STUNT Woman of the Year for her exceptional talent, leadership, and dedication to the team. 

The University of Kentucky’s STUNT team has made significant progress in just two years as a varsity program.

With the 2023 season in the books and California Baptist claiming the national title, Kentucky will continue its pursuit for a national championship in 2024, though it will be forced to do so from a different venue with Memorial Coliseum undergoing renovations.