Dean’s List sets record

By Audrey Smith

UK academics continue to push for excellence with a new record.

The Dean’s List hit a new record last semester with 5,030 students making the cut, according to a news release.

This was the first time the Dean’s List, which recognizes students for outstanding academic performance, has exceeded 5,000 people.

The academic success of UK students has flourished as the undergraduate office has set forth new standards to help students achieve success.

The past few semesters also had a high number of students on the Dean’s List with 4,240 in spring 2010, 4,395 in fall 2009 and 4,167 in spring 2009, according to press releases.

To make the Dean’s List, students have to earn a grade point average of 3.6 or higher (some UK colleges require a 3.5) and to have taken at least 12 credit hours in that semester. Pass-fail classes are not included.

Recent student success can largely be attributed to what is called “the war on attrition,” Randolph Hollingsworth, assistant provost for undergraduate education, said.

The initial goal of the war on attrition, started in 2007 by Provost Kumble Subbaswamy, was to improve the retention rate of UK students. In 2009 Mike Mullen, associate provost for undergraduate education, shifted the goal of “the war on attrition” to student success.

Subbaswamy and Mullen have been working with the deans in all of the colleges to continue to improve advising, Hollingsworth said.

Advisers and faculty members are working hard with students to find out what works best for each individual, she said.

There has been a “strong emphasis on reaching out to students to meet personal needs,” Hollingsworth said.

According to Mullen, the push for excellence comes from the students.

Students with good academic preparation are taking on challenges and succeeding, making them more able to enrich the community they are a part of, Mullen said.