Use prudent spending habits this week and don’t overdo it

Column by Wesley Robinson Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away, and that means holiday shopping is right around the corner. Most people will start the frantic search for gifts on Black Friday and the heavy shopping season will continue for a few weeks after the New Year. Between now and then, more money […]

Column about Bible was both wrong and misguided

The Bible is crap. Those who follow it are blind. These insults are essentially what one takes away from Nate Kremer’s diatribe of the Bible in a Kernel column Thursday. In response to this, my first question to him is this: Where do you think the values of this country come from  that were standardized […]

Sculpture a waste of good resources

It’s an attitude Americans have had for centuries. It’s an attitude that has led to excessive spending and consuming, excessive usage of natural resources and ultimately an economic crisis and an environment on the verge of disaster. It’s the attitude that there is no such thing as too much. In the spirit of this mantra, […]

Women still a confounding subject for researchers

Column by Tim Riley There are certain immutable laws of the universe that will simply never change. As a society, we can always rest assured that school will never be fun, the Cleveland Browns will never win a Super Bowl and a 40-hour-work week is about 40 hours too many; however, all of these rules […]

Columnist showed a general lack of knowledge about Bible

This is written in response to Nate Kremer’s column titled “Bible’s teachings outdated, hypocritical” in the Kernel on Nov. 20. It is clear that Barack Obama’s morals do not align with Christian morals, but that is not the point of my argument. My purpose is to show that Kremer has little knowledge of which he […]

Survey results are good, but could be improved

It’s a fact — college students have sex. Put religion, morality and any other beliefs aside for a minute and just accept that it happens. Probably more than most of us acknowledge. Having sex, whether you wait until marriage or hop right into bed, is a personal decision for everyone. But it definitely happens and […]

Speaker maps out a plan for a sustainable Kentucky

Column by Emily Foerster In the 1970s, the Kernel ran an environmental column written by a student everyone called—and still, to this day, every single one of his acquaintances, both personal and professional calls—“Fitz.” Sometimes, even his own children call him “Fitz.” His column was appropriately called “All the news that Fitz,” and it aimed […]