Students should be wary of posting certain Facebook profile information

Facebook can’t seem to stay out of headlines these days. Most of the time, Mark Zuckerberg and company don’t mind the publicity, as their involvement in major media, politics and pop culture has become a staple of today’s society. But occasionally, you have a story come along that causes the social networking giant to rethink […]

With the Internet comes the ability to impact the world

Column by Tim Riley The world owes so much to the Internet. Without the Internet, how would one spend money while we make it at work? Without the Internet, where would one go to find the latest video of somebody injuring their genitals? But more importantly, without the Internet, where exactly would one go to […]

20/20 special unfairly documented Eastern Kentucky

As an Eastern Kentucky native, I have seen my fair share of toothless, dirty and strung-out people. But the one thing everyone seems to ignore is that there are good, clean and well-to-do people in Eastern Kentucky. I am not just talking about the coal company presidents. It is not difficult to find a hard […]

Kernel cartoon

Brad Sturgeon, Kernel cartoonist

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UK Alert and police should have informed students of gunman

Since its inception, criticisms of the UK Alert system have been rampant. Sure, there were kinks to work out at first, as with any kind of technology, but it seemed as if this semester things were finally starting to run smoothly. That is, until Tuesday night. When an armed gunman robbed The Pita Pit on […]

Students share collective memory of ice storm that cancelled class

Column by Buck Ryan As “Snowpocalypse ‘09” melts into history, we the people of Journalism 101 wish to record the story for posterity. Fifty years from now, as scholars piece together their stories of the devastating ice storm that triggered the worst power outages in Kentucky’s history, they will learn of at least one student […]

UK Alert not enough to prevent violence, education is important

Last week’s editorial, “UK Alert system must be activated for assault cases,” addresses the important issue of campus safety, but I feel it misses the mark. The piece advocates alerts about attacks as a budgetary priority to ensure safety. Placing campus attacks reported to UK Police at the financial forefront leaves the majority of violence […]

Campus tobacco ban is a smart decision, discourages smoking

The entire campus becoming tobacco-free Visit this link is the hot topic in numerous conversations. While many students believe prohibiting them from using tobacco products on campus infringes upon their personal rights, I believe the university should be commended for their bold decision to become the first smoke-free campus in the state of Kentucky. The […]