Journalism should be open to online trend

Print newspapers will die. It’s actually really simple and not that terrifying. A quick synopsis of the market: Print usually takes up at least 50 percent of a newspaper’s budget. Most major newspapers are seeing far more readers online — up to 40 times the print in some cases. Advertising is shifting to online because […]

Adderall article incorrectly reported on the drug

We were very troubled at the front page story about Adderall use published in the Kernel on Dec. 10. Publishing such a biased story just a few days before finals was irresponsible and does not reflect well on the story’s author or on the Kernel. Many of the “facts” in the story were incorrect and […]

The Internet can be your source for strange, entertaining news

Column by Tim Riley A great benefit of our modern world is that one never has to look very far to find things that are completely ridiculous. Many days, it seems as if the Internet is solely dedicated to finding the biggest idiots on planet earth and then spreading the news about them. Whether it’s […]

Students must learn to budget after education report findings

A study by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education recently gave the state of Kentucky an ‘F’ in affordability in its National Report Card on Higher Education, according to a Wednesday Kernel article. The affordability study is measured based on the percentage of the household’s income that goes to pay for higher […]

Private donors need to be swayed to give to those in need

I have a hard time believing Joe B. Hall Wildcat Lodge is in need of refurbishing, and would be surprised to find anyone who disagrees. I realize the school doesn’t control where private gifts are directed, but an additional $1.5 million seems like an unnecessarily extravagant amount of money to be spent on athletes’ living […]

Kernel cartoon

Melissa Vessels, Kernel cartoonist

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A disability must not hold student back from passion

According to Patty Bender, the assistant vice president of the Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity department at UK, Jena Richards is not deaf. This, of course, comes as news to Richards, who requires a cochlear implant and the assistance of an interpreter to hear as well as others do. The implant helps her hear only […]