Best fans deserve best seats

Letter to Editor by Kevin Floore

It became obvious this year that the current procedure for purchasing student basketball tickets is both inefficient and in many cases ineffective. I appreciate the Student Government’s efforts to open discussion about changing the lottery.

I have talked with students at other universities about online systems, which work with varying degrees of success.

If that is the direction we are going to go, I’m sure it will be extremely well-thought out and planned.

My main concern with the current lottery system, however, regards eRUPPtion Zone seats. These seats should be removed from the lottery altogether.

If a student wants these seats, he or she should wait in line for them. This insures that the most deserving fans get to represent our student section. The people that will wait for these tickets will be the loudest, most energetic students we have, and placing them all in one place will only do great things for our student section, our arena, and our team.

I’ve often heard the sentiment that our crowd is not “into” the games as it should be, often sitting and cheering seldom. If the culture in Rupp is to change, it has to start with us, the student body. We can start by giving the craziest fans a better opportunity to get student section seats.

Kevin Floore

mechanical engineering senior