PTS inconsistencies bad for university

Letter to Editor by Michael Frick

While most people at UK blast the parking office for various reasons, I have in the past overlooked the accusations, attributing them to a number of explanations.

However, I am appalled by the UK Parking and Transportation Services’ system, and the way they have handled a situation with me lately.

When I went to pay for my parking permit online for the next school year, I was told I had three outstanding citations.

Had I ever received written notification of such citations? No.

Online, it stated that to appeal a citation you must first pay for it. I did so, only to then be told by the same system too much time had passed for me to appeal the citations.

This is unacceptable. One of the citations was supposedly issued in January 2009. Each year to pay for a permit, all outstanding citations must be paid. I paid for my permit for this year in May 2009 and did not have to pay for any outstanding citations.

UK PTS you are a black eye on this university.

Michael Frick

secondary education junior