Eliminate UK Athletics Department to save money

In 2003, Vanderbilt University eliminated its athletics department on the basis that athletics had gotten too far away from the university’s core mission: academics.

Today, the Commodores’ men’s basketball team is 16-0 and ranks 13th in the nation according to The Associated Press, while the Wildcats, with their highly paid athletics department administrators and gold-plated practice facilities, are 6-7.

The solution to UK’s budget problems seems simple to me: instead of raising student tuition again — a devastating proposal that will hurt UK’s drive to a top-20 ranking — UK should follow Vanderbilt’s lead and eliminate its athletics department.

Doing so would not only save money, it would be a huge boost to the morale of UK professors who have long resented UK’s emphasis on athletics. Vanderbilt is a fine school for UK to emulate — and they have proven that they can still be winners on the court.

Dave Cooper

Lexington resident