Children’s hospital chooses students for mascot “Stitches”

By Sarah Rayan

Two UK students will represent UK Children’s Hospital as Stitches, the kitten mascot.

After auditioning in April for the roles as Stitches, communication senior Jackie Colgate and hospitality management sophomore Amy Green will attend UK HealthCare events on campus and throughout the state as the mascot, and will visit patients to hand out stickers, coloring books and other goodies to the children from now until next summer.

Colgate, who served as the hospital’s first mascot this past year, will be awarded a full in-state tuition scholarship as head mascot. Amy Green, the second candidate for the mascot position, will be awarded a half in-state scholarship tuition to participate.

Before the two students were chosen to represent the hospital, they had to go through an audition process in which they explained why they wanted to be Stitches, performed skits and interacted with students on campus.

“(For) the second part of the tryout, we were asked to walk around South Campus and interact with students on campus to see how well we can relate to people,” Green said.

Colgate spoke positively about her experiences as Stitches.

“I am really excited to be the mascot again,” Colgate said. “I was Stitches last year and it is such a fulfilling experience. I know that this year will be just as fulfilling.”

Green said she hopes to bring the children some joy during their stay at the hospital.

“It will be an amazing experience to work with all the little kids and to bring a smile to their faces while they are going through some very tough times,” she said.

Members of the hospital staff said they are glad the mascot program will continue to offer scholarships to participating students.

“Stitches has been very successful in representing our hospital,” said Cynde Estep, UK HealthCare senior service line manager. “Children love Stitches not only in the hospital, but also at the many events where we take and give away pictures of children with Stitches.”