Brian Regan delivered a knockout comedic punch at Singletary

By Megan Hurt

Brian Regan couldn’t stop laughing at his own jokes.

Regan, a successful comedian who preformed Friday night at the Singletary Center for the Arts, had to try three times to finish a one-liner. There were multiple times he cracked up half way through an anecdote.

It felt like a Saturday Night Live skit: live, funny and real.

By laughing through a joke, Regan showed he’s a down-to-earth guy who’s doing what he loves. It doesn’t matter if he has two Comedy Central specials and multiple appearances on late night shows; Regan is on stage to make himself laugh and that is why he’s is such a likable comedian.

Whether he was talking about high cholesterol, cooking shows or raising a family, Regan joked about his world and what he sees in it.

After finishing his set, Regan came back on stage to an audience giving him a standing ovation. They shouted out requests for some of his most memorable material over the years.

“I’m just amazed you know my jokes,” Regan said, as the requests were thrown at him as one-word representations.

Regan’s a successful comedian because his jokes make him funny, but he’s likable because his humility makes his real.