Comedy caravan to bring laughter to UK

By Kelly Wiley

Trey Harris became a comedy fan after going to Comedy Caravan during his freshman year of college.

“I was pretty much a regular for my first two years of college,” Harris said.

This year, as event coordinator for Comedy Caravan, Harris said he has booked top comedians that he hopes students will enjoy as much as he did.

This week, the event will host Will Hardesty. Harris said this comedian is extremely talented and is respected by other comedians.

Comedy Caravan is a great way to get away from classes and let loose, Harris said.

“The best part is definitely the release from anything that is going on, like classes or relationship problems and the thought that goes into some of the comedian’s jokes,” Harris said.

Some of the comedians featured in the series in past years have gone on to make it big, Harris said. He remembers seeing Tom Mabe perform at Comedy Caravan last year and now he has his own show on Country Music Television.

This year’s line up features a “good mix of old and new faces,” Harris said.

Comedy Caravan also gives students the chance to perform their own comedy. Students have the opportunity to open for a headlining act if they contact Harris.

The series takes places Wednesdays at 8 p.m. in the Cats Den on the first floor of the Student Center.