Musical duo to bring ‘skanky’ show to UK

By Kellie Oates

There really isn’t anything tasteful about musical duo TASTiSKANK. Their lyrics are shockingly blunt, scandalous and hilariously vulgar, and they top it off by rocking high-heels and looking fabulously risqué. And they’re coming to UK.

“They are essentially good girls gone bad,” said Nigel Lepainka, the cultural arts director for the Student Activities Board.

The duo consists of Broadway actresses Kate Reinders, who played Glinda the Good Witch I the musical “Wicked,” and Sarah Litzsinger, who played Belle in “Beauty and the Beast.”

And these two women are putting a twist on obscene comedy and showing the world it isn’t just men who know how to be publicly perverse.

Lepainka said TASTiSKANK manages to get their message across in an adult fashion while putting a spin on traditional lyrics.

“Their songs are mature in nature because, as they claim, they are tired of being these ‘innocent’ girls,” Lepianka said.

With songs that feature lines such as, “You were the worst sex I ever had,” and “I heart dirty boys with no money,” TASTiSKANK was deemed, according to their MySpace page, “the rockin’ love child of Tenacious D and the Indigo Girls.”

Lepianka said that the SAB decided to bring TASTiSKANK to campus after an unforgettable performance at SAB’s national convention

“They were very energetic, funny, and it seemed like an event that would attract UK students for obvious reasons.”

According to their MySpace page, TASTiSKANK was named as one of the “Top 25 Sexiest New Yorker’s” by the New York Post, and their lyrics speak on behalf of single women everywhere by discussing the trials and tribulations of today’s dating scene.

TASTiSKANK will perform Thursday night at 7 in Memorial Hall and is free and open to the public.