Dating in Denim



A serial violator of over primping, I glance down at my phone in a scramble on a Saturday night and realize I have 10 minutes before my ride arrives and I still haven’t found the right outfit. After a horrible raid of my closet, I quickly discover either my washing machine has shrunk my Nordstrom jeans or my roommate’s laundry got stuck in my basket again. After managing to go through an array of options, I ultimately resort to the jeans I always do — the ones that seem to be the perfect match, in any situation.

It was then I realized this “raiding of the closet” is similar to the endless charade of dating we go through. Your seemingly infinite slamming of fitting room doors on the quest to find the perfect jeans is no different than the search for that perfect someone.

For most of us, it’s as daunting as fitting into Heidi Klum’s jeans.

Like a pair of jeans that is two sizes too small, a “tight” relationship is that of a clingy potential boyfriend that is almost as awkward as the “muffin top” tight pants create. You find yourself at a dinner almost as stuffy as the fit of the jeans and squirming under the table to catch your breath; especially after he has mentioned meeting his mom. For the second time. On the first date.

There’s always the opposite fit as well: the “loose relationship.” These are the relationships that require maintenance like a pair of loose jeans. You need a belt or a tailor — and by tailor, I mean relationship therapy for all of the holding on you’ve had to do.

Loose relationships require more than just attention, they’re completely unflattering. Usually turning you into a habitual Facebook creeper, and “where is this going?” texter. Loose relationships are never in fashion.

The best jeans take time to break in. At first stiff and creased, they eventually learn to form to you. The best relationships only get better with time, become snug in the right places and loose where they need to be. Although it might take an exhausting battle of fitting rooms, or dates, eventually something clicks.

The most “stylish” relationships are those which have been created almost effortlessly and seem like a natural fit.

My favorite pair of jeans, like every fulfilling relationship, is not without its own flaws. The pockets are worn and the bottoms are frayed. But when you find the perfect relationship, there will be frays and even stains for certain. However, you will decide you don’t need to the raid the closet — and pull down your favorite pair from the hanger.